Vibe Studio by Debbie Wilson

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Vibe Studio by Debbie Wilson
18 Scotch Street
Co Down
BT30 6AQ
Business Description

Vibe Studio is a dedicated health and wellbeing space.

Offering yoga classes and 1 to 1 sessions to suit all abilities, as well as wellbeing treatments including BodyTalk and Reiki.

BodyTalk is a simple, non-invasive and fast treatment system, which is designed to reconnect the natural lines of communication within the body.

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves. When all the parts and systems of the body communicate with each other, healing happens naturally.

However, the stress of every day life can cause communication breakdowns resulting in discomfort and disease.

BodyTalk identifies these breakdowns and restores communication, helping the body to heal itself.

It is as if we are regrouping the orchestra to be able to play a symphony again.